Our Preschool Program

Teddy Bear Class

  • 2 – 4 years old
  • Potty Trained
  • Teddy Bear lunch begins at 11:25 am

Dinosaur Class

  • 4 – 5 years old, Pre-K program
  • California cut off dates for birthdates determines if your child will be a Dinosaur or a Teddy Bear
  • Dinosaurs eat lunch at 11:45 am

Our preschool program stimulates growth and development in all areas. This is a general guideline of your child’s day as well as what areas are stimulated. Adjustments are made according to weather and special events. Times and schedules will also be adjusted to meet the needs of the children.

Typical Daily Schedule
TimeDaily ActivitiesIncreases / Enhances Awareness and Development in the following Areas
6:30 amStaggered arrival 
6:31 amManipulative materialsFine Motor, Logic, Reasoning, Visual and Auditory discrimination
7:30 amSelf-selected learningExploration, Socialization, Independence
8:20 amClean upCooperation, Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Responsibilty
9:30 am Dinosaurs and Teddy Bears separate
9:40 amPrepare for snackMath, Independence, Hygiene
9:50 amSnackSocialization, Nutrition, Manners
10:10 amGreetingsEnvironment, Time, Counting, Number recognition, Weather, Days, Months, Years
10:20 amCurriculumScience, Math, Fine Motor, Visual and Auditory discrimination, Self Image, Self Esteem, Confidence, classification, Critical Thinking, Health, Nutrition, Social Studies, Left to Right Progression, Early Literacy
10:30 amIndoor activitiesSelf Learning, Decision Making, Independence, Socialization
10:40 amClean upSocial Responsibility, Teamwork, Self Esteem, Following Directions, Classification
10:50 amStory timeLiteracy, Imagination, Rhyme, Rhythm, Pre-reading
11:10 amOutdoor activitiesGross Motor, Vestibular System
11:30 amLunchManners, Socialization, Nutrition
12:30 pm Dinosaurs and Teddy Bears combine
12:35 pmMovie (before nap)Imagination, Creativity
1:00 pmRelaxing musicPitch, Rhythm, Rhyme, Tempo, Pre-reading skills, kid meditation
2:30 pmWake up transitionIndependence
2:50 pmChildren begin to have snacks in small groupsManners, Sharing, Nutrition, Socialization, Friendships, Tactile Stimulation
3:15 pmOutdoor activitiesGross Motor, Balance, Coordination
5:00 pmStaggered departuresGross and Fine Motor acitivities, Dramatic Play, Visual Discrimination
6:30 pm Close

Our School Age Program

  • Homework assistance
  • Improve Social Skills
  • Learn Teamwork
  • Recreation Emphasis
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities
  • Organized games
  • Scooters
  • Field Trips
  • Nutritious Snacks
1:45 pmKindergarten pick up
1:55 pmActivity time **
2:25 pmClean up
2:35 pmSet up Snack time
2:40 pmStory time
3:05 pmSign in: 1st to 6th grade / Wednesday early release 1:55pm
3:10 pmSnack time
3:30 pmClean up
3:30- 4 pmWalk or Exercise time
4:10 pmHomework time
4:55 pmFree time / Activity time **
5:40 pmClean up

** Activities include: Group games on Mondays, Board games on Tuesdays, Outdoor on Wednesdays, Arts and Crafts on Thursdays and Theatrical Arts on Fridays.